1024 Training and Development is a Level One B-BBEE training company that has been providing IT and related training solutions since 2003.

Our mission is to contribute to growing the economy through a skilled and equipped workforce, by providing tailor-made IT and related training solutions.

We believe in adding value to our clients’ business by delivering quality training, building long term relationships and being flexible in designing tailor made solutions.


Why choose 1024 Training and Development?

  • We’ve been providing quality training and development solutions for over 15 years.
  • Our facilitators are Microsoft Certified, Microsoft Technology Specialists and MICT SETA accredited.
  • Our facilitators are highly skilled and experienced, with specialist subject knowledge and excellent communication skills, able to facilitate a real, practical learning experience.

For all these reasons and more, you can be sure that with 1024 Training and Development you will benefit from the highest quality training solutions. 

1024 Strives to: Add value to our clients’ business.Build long term relationships.Design tailor made solutionsDeliver quality training solutions




Apart from training material, 1024 develops or consults on the development of the following solutions:

• Excel spreadsheets - most of these are developed for scenarios where the users needed to extend Excel's functionality. Examples of these spreadsheets include pricing analysis models, automated quotations, stock control systems, and production control systems. Since 2004 1024 has built in excess of 120 spreadsheets.

• Dashboards - many of our customers require reports to be set up in Excel due to the fact that it is so flexible, the learning involved is less than other systems and once the user understands how the dashboard is set up it is much easier to modify. To date we have set up around 30 dashboards.
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Meet The Team

1024 Training & Development is proud to be headed by owners Shawn Brennan & Haylene Liberty-Nel.
For any Training and Development enquiries, Please Contact Shawn or Haylene.

Shawn Brennan
082 822 8453
Haylene Liberty-Nel
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1024 Training & Development


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Training content does not exist in isolation.
As part of the training projects we work on we deliver various content formats. The selection of formats are dictated by a host of factors in the content ecosystem (see below) including the learner preferences. We honour those preferences, as they greatly impact adoption and transfer of learning and ultimately value for money.

Content ecosystem
Training is not developed or presented in isolation, to ignore the ecosystem in which it exists is to set yourself up for failure! 

Hard-copy content
This constitutes printed material that the learners can use in class and take with them at the completion of the sessions.

These include:
Manuals - as we understand and use them currently. These can be as comprehensive as technical manuals or purpose built for use in class.
Handouts - pamphlets, case studies, or additional information not available at the time of print or just simply timed to be included in the course when the instructor requires it.
Quick Reference Guides - these are succinct, colourful, graphic rich memory prompts for complex processes, guides for steps, of summaries of the course content. These quick reference guides can be produced as a deck of cards, fold out, calendar, cube or any other interesting shape that will increase the reference value of the object.
Cheat-sheets - one page list of important information or commands to a software system.
Assessments / Tests - to be used at the completion of the course, or inclusion in the manual for use at a later date.